Change of Company name to "4B Braime Components Ltd"


Braime Elevator Components Ltd has changed its UK Registered name to:-


 The change has been made to better reflect the extensive range of products which the business sells to the Material Handling Industry worldwide.

Braime have been manufacturing Elevator Buckets for 125 years and are well known as the market leader for their “Flagship” product, Elevator Buckets. However, over the past 30 years the company has considerably widened its product range to include related products such as:-

  • Elevator Buckets, Bolts, Belting, and Belt Fasteners.
  • Conveyor Chain.
  • Electrical Sensors & Systems to help prevent Dust Explosions and to provide information for preventative maintenance.

The change in the name of the original UK business to 4B Braime Components also brings the name in line with those of its overseas subsidiaries:-

  • 4B Components, responsible for the North & South American markets.
  • 4B Setem in France.
  • 4B Deutschland.
  • 4B Australia.
  • 4B Asia Pacific.
  • 4B Africa. 
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